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A Small game for the 2019 UE4 Summer Game Jam "Make It Count"

Taking the theme a bit to literally maybe :D. You are a sentient calculator tasked with achieving a Target Number (Top middle of Screen). You achieve this by killing the Mutated Number Monsters that spawn in the arena and track you down. 

You are armed with you "CURTAR" a gun that can fire + , - , * or % and adjust your current score accordingly depending on the number that you kill (Between 1-9).

Once you reach the target score you win! and it tells you how much Numbers you killed so you can try and get it lower next time! Be careful if you touch a number you insta die!

Put together in 3 days due to time restrictions, All Assets except for Music(https://soundimage.org/looping-music/arcade-fantasy/) , Particles (UE starter Assets) and Sounds (UE Starter Assets) are original and created by myself.

As its a game jam entry it has had little to no testing and may have some strange behaviours :)

Install instructions

Unzip file and run :)


SeekAndDestroy.zip 631 MB

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